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If you are looking for unique accommodation in Vegueta, I welcome you to stay at Casa Oasis.

During my first visit to Las Palmas five years ago, I had planned to only stay there for a few days with a group of friends. My impression of the town was that it was a typical tourist spot. However, after being taken to Vegueta, the old town of Las Palmas, my perspective changed entirely. I was captivated by its tapas bars, restaurants, cafes, old houses, cathedrals, narrow stone roads, music and art. Even though I had lived in Marais, the old town of Paris, I found Vegueta to be incomparable.

A unique and charming stay in Vegueta

The next day, I explored a 500-year-old house located adjacent to the Santa Ana Cathedral. Despite being dilapidated, I was fascinated by the thought of the generations that had lived there and decided to purchase it. While renovating the house, my construction team stumbled upon a tunnel that connected the house to the church. The tunnel had been used as an escape route from the threat of pirate attacks. Even today, the end of the tunnel is visible in one of the bathrooms.

After two years of intensive work, we successfully restored the house to its former glory, respecting the old architecture, constructions, and woodwork. We also incorporated modern art and objects that I had collected from various parts of the world during my international travels.

I welcome guests to book this unique accommodation in Vegueta during the months of March through to November. Outside of that period, the house will be privately occupied.

Unique accommodation in Vegueta

– A note from the Interior Designer

Thanks to my over two decades of experience in designing residential spaces, the new owner of this historic building granted me the freedom to restore this house back to its former glory. Inspired by both the property’s five centuries of history and its superb location, I eagerly accepted the challenge and privilege of creating a dialogue between old and new.

Throughout the careful restoration process, several discoveries were made, including French ceramic sewage pipes dating back to the 1800s, which I was delighted to upcycle. The adventure continued when the proprietor expressed a desire for an eclectic boho style. I journeyed all the way to the souks of Marrakech to source vibrant colors, rich textures, artisan metal lamps and sinks, and hand-forged hardware to bring into this new home under the tropical light of Las Palmas.

– Sirkku Hölttä

Unique accommodation in Vegueta

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